Case study: Custom-tailored AdServer Development

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Case study: Custom-tailored AdServer Development

Adserver is basically a traffic management and conversion optimization system. When a user clicks the advertising banner of link, he is redirected through a number of web servers, right to the end-point. Adserver is one of the steps in this chain. Its goal is to accept the network traffic, analyze a number of user’s parameters and previous conversion results and serve the best matching landing destination.

Client: Product company, US

Business goal & Challenges: Implement ad traffic management system that would allow flexible optimization methods: A/B testing, conditional traffic splitting, automated optimization based on conversion signals.

The system itself was designed to handle high volumes and allow system operators (sales personnel) to quickly review marketing campaign results and apply optimization decisions, basing on campaign performance and product metrics.

Technology stack: PHP, MySQL, nginx, custom-built application

Results: Zenous team handled the initial system design and supported the system development and implementation. After analyzing the existing adserver applications, customer decided to go with custom-tailored solution. System was tested on high traffic: up to 10M daily uniq users.

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